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Science and Technology outcomes with Investigate (Stage 3)

What is Investigate?

Investigate is an initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries School Program. By completing the Investigate units students will understand the role that science plays in their everyday lives. Real-world content guides the application of these skills in a meaningful learning context that delivers cross-curriculum outcomes.


Resources provided support teachers through a series of learning experiences and activities. This includes an Inquiry unit of work; cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities; and research material. You can choose to use some or all of the activities to develop a teaching and learning program suited to your local needs and situation.

inviestigate cane toads.png
Investigate RWA2017 kids.jpg
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Investigate Fireants kids.jpg
investigate bees + kids small.jpg
varroa mite investigate logo.png

Interested in a shorter investigation to complete with students? Have a look at our Biosecurity Surveillance in Schools which is designed to be completed in one session and contributes to monitoring NSW for target biosecurity pests. Great citizen science to involves your students in!

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