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Investigate: aphids (Stage 3)

A learning sequence and activities to guide teachers in the teaching of science,
technology and biosecurity concepts are provided in this document. The learning
sequence has been developed using the 5Es inquiry approach and comprises nine
learning experiences.

Activities provided in the learning sequence will guide you in designing an aphid
surveillance program for your school garden and learning about their impacts on the
environment, garden and agricultural production. In solving the problem ‘How can we
keep aphids away?’ you will explore our wonderful natural world and the importance
of beneficial insects in the control of pests. To synthesise your learning you will create a persuasive text, in the form of an advertisement, to promote your insectary design, IPM and beneficial insects.

The link below gives you access to the teacher guide. 

We hope you enjoy the program, feel free to contact us by email ( at any time.

Investigate RWA2017 kids.jpg

Investigate: aphids was run in 2017. See the winning entry below:

Coogee Public School - 1st Investigating Aphids

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