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The Yabby unit

This unit of work provides students with the opportunity to investigate the importance of aquaculture production to our society by focusing on Australian freshwater crayfish production.


The Yabby unit of work consists of six resources including a workbook, answer guide, teacher and parent lesson sequence guide, two major design folios and a teacher coding guide with example code for a possible automated aquaponics set-up.

The unit prepares students to complete one of two major projects to design and build an aquaponics system and then automate it using control technologies. Additional suggested activities involve students growing, managing and making observations on aquaponic plants and freshwater crayfish.

The unit is designed to cover outcomes from the NSW Technology Mandatory stage 4 Syllabus and Years 7-10 Syllabus and Marine and Aquaculture Technology, Years 7-10 Syllabus.



Yabby workbook

The Yabby unit workbook

The Yabby unit answer guide

Yabby design proj1.jpg

Folio 1- Design and Code an aquaponics system

Yabby design proj2.jpg

Folio 2- Design and Build an aquaponics system

teacher coding guide for aquaponics system

Teacher guide - Code and build an aquaponics control system

Yabby unit- lesson sequence program

Lesson sequence - teacher and parent guide

The Yabby unit - Stage 5 iSTEM

Discover the Yabby aquaponics iSTEM Minor project - unit of work. The resources were collaboratively developed by the NSW DPI schools team and NSW DET staff for the SISP program.

i teach stem.PNG
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