Tocal Virtual Farm support resources

Property and Farm Data

Available in pdf format for distribution to students and colleagues. This document will be updated regularly.  

(2019 update)

Teaching guides and student workbooks.

The teacher guides link to a range of fully writable pdf documents mapped to various K-12 NSW syllabus outcomes and KLA areas.


The following workbooks are for NSW Agriculture Preliminary Farm Case Study with additional  Stage 5-6  outcomes mapped


(NSW Stage K-6 Syllabus)

Student workbook for site visits to Tocal

Use the Tocal Virtual Farm for student in years 7&8 working towards the agricultural outcomes of the Technology Mandatory syllabus

Download the spatial data for Tocal to use in student projects

This data can be used in Google MyMaps or other mapping software. Download the file (in KML format) and import it to student projects. Students will then be able to change the farm layout, use the measuring tools and add layers or features as they explore property planning and farm management. 

Play the Kahoot quiz!
Video transcripts are available as pdf documents