Study Aids and Resources

This site provides a range of resources to aid student study including tips for NSW HSC revision, essay writing skills, referencing guides,  careers information and links to NESA and past HSC exams and revision aids using immersive game-based learning.

KAHOOT Quizzes

The following links take you to three multiple-choice Kahoot quizzes. Each quiz was developed using HSC Agriculture past paper questions and are a practice tool in preparation for the Agriculture HSC examination multiple choice section.

Other Resources

When you are answering HSC questions it is essential you understand how you are to respond. Even if you know your content, you cannot get full marks if you don't address the questions correctly. Use the NESA key word list to help.

Use the NSW syllabus dotpoints to check you have covered your subject content and as 'titles' to make revision notes

Use the past papers for revision and exam practice.

This link gives a range of guides and pointers for preparing for examinations

Primezone provides teachers and students with single-point access to a range of free primary industries educational, curriculum based resources.

Reports, Essays and Revision

The following link takes you to a guide to assist you with analysing scientific reports and Experimental Design; an essential element of Stage 6 Agriculture and Science subjects.

A guide which breaks downs scientific report writing into easy to follow steps.

The following link takes you to activities, videos and templates to make paragraph writing for extended responses easy to master.

The following link takes you to activities, videos and frameworks for writing, learning, deconstruction of tasks, feedback and reflection. ALARM is a powerful tool to assist with written responses for assessment tasks and examinations.

A guide with links to online reference builders to assist you in referencing work.

Academic achievement is NOT based on IQ. Follow this link for tips, videos and activities to help you make studying easy.

Careers Links

Interested in reducing world poverty, starting your own business, innovative technology, research and development, travel? Careers in our primary industries don't all involve driving a tractor or shearing a sheep - they can require high-level science, maths and technology skills. The range of careers available in food and fibre industries are endless. Follow this link for NSW Department of Primary Industries careers.

Follow this link to the Royal Agricultural Societies 'Career Stepping Stones' to investigate career pathways in a range of agricultural industries including- aquaculture, dairy, grains, poultry, red meat, sugar, vegetables and wool. 

Career Harvest a hub for cutting-edge careers within the food and fibre industries. Whether you’re interested in feeding the world, adapting to climate change, developing the environment or managing future energy sources, this site helps create clearer pathways for you to harvest your agricultural career. 

Follow this link to the University of Southern Queensland's Career booklet. This book includes practical activities and advice for building resumes, subject selection, career advice, job searching and interview techniques.