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Study Aids and Resources

This site links resources to aid student study.


It includes NSW HSC revision, essay writing skills, referencing guides and careers information.

Laptop Writing

KAHOOT Quizzes

These KAHOOT quizzes were developed based on HSC past paper questions and are a practice tool for the multiple-choice section in Agriculture and Primary Industries.

HSC Agriculture


HSC Primary Industries

HSC & NSW Syllabus Resources

When answering HSC questions it is essential you understand how you should respond to gain marks. Even if you know your content, you cannot get full marks if you don't address the questions correctly. Use the NESA key words for help.

Use the NSW syllabus dot points to check you have covered your subject content and as 'titles' to make revision notes

Use the past papers for revision and exam practice.

This link gives a range of guides and pointers for preparing for examinations

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