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Industry insights - Weeds in NSW

These resources allow students to investigate weeds in NSW and their impact on production. Content covered includes: ​

  • Weeds in NSW

  • Integrated weed management

  • Weeds investigation

  • Images from the poster/workbook below.

These resources are aligned to Stage 5 and 6 NSW Agriculture syllabus, however, may be adapted to K-6 and Technology Mandatory studies.

Weeds poster WIX.JPG

Weeds in NSW poster.pdf

Weeds Posters TP.jpg

Weeds in NSW workbook.pdf

Weeds AnsGu.jpg

Weeds in NSW answer guide.pdf

Posters are available in A1 size for $35 each including postage and handling. Or buy a set of Industry insight posters for a discounted price. Follow the link to order a copy.

Biocontrols of weeds TP.jpg

Biocontrol of weeds manual.pdf

WINTER CROP_edited_edited.jpg

Weed control in winter crops.pdf

SUMMER CROP1109_edited.jpg

Weed control in summer crops.pdf

Poster images - Agricultural weeds

Lolium rigidum plant8 annual ryegrass.tif
annual rygrass.png

Annual rye grass (Lolium ridigum)

Environmental weeds

Lantana camara flower red3.tif

Lantana (Lantana camara)

Water weeds

anchored water hyacinth.jpg

Anchored water hyacinth (Eichhornia azurea)

NSW Weedwise

Find a weed at NSW WeedWise, which has information for over 300 noxious and environmental weeds in NSW,  including Profiles, Control (including herbicide options) and Legal requirements (under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993).

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