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Industry insights - Pork production

These resources allow students to investigate Pork production in NSW. Content covered includes: ​

  • Pig anatomy,

  • Pig breeds,

  • Pork processing, marketing and value-adding,

  • Markets and market specifications

  • Production systems

  • Animal welfare in the pork industry

  • Pig diseases and biosecurity

  • Swine digestive anatomy and physiology (monogastric digestion)

  • Nutrition and rations

  • Reproduction and reproductive technologies

  • Current and emerging technologies,

  • Pork careers

  • Practical activities- moving pigs. condition scoring pigs, oestrous detection in sows

These resources are aligned to Stage 5 and 6 NSW Agriculture syllabus, however, may be adapted to K-6 and Technology Mandatory studies:

pork poster Wix.PNG

Pork production poster.png

Pork TP.jpg

Pork production worksheets.pdf

Pork ANSW TP.jpg

Pork production answer guide.pdf

Posters are available in A1 size for $35 each including postage and handling. Or buy a set of Industry insight posters for a discounted price. Follow the link to order a copy.

Pig breeds in Australia


Teacher Professional Development

Pig nutrition basics course:

The course aims to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Pig nutrition

  • Feeding options

  • Prohibited and hazardous substances.

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