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Drones in Primary Industries

Teaching resources

NSW DPI resources- Drones and UAV's in Primary Industries- Stage 4/5

 'Drones and UAV's in Primary Industries' PPT, Support document and webinar, allow students to

  • Explore how drones and UAV’s are used in agriculture,

  • Discover the science behind how a drone works and the types of drones, and

  • Carry out a ‘drone mission’ to understand how drones are programmed to operate in the field.

Mapped to the NSW Agricultural Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus and Science Years 7-10 Syllabus, it could easily be adapted to STEM learning or the Stage 4 Technology Mandatory syllabus.​

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Other teaching resources

Teacher Professional Development

Drones in Agriculture

The course aims to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Safe and efficient operation of drones in an agricultural context

  • Australian laws related to the use of Remote Pilot Aircraft's (RPA) for private use

  • Collecting and processing data for use in creating a crop planting map or precision fertiliser program.


Accredited course:

This course is mapped to the following national units of competency:

  • AHCMOM311 - Operate precision control technology

  • AVIW0028 - Operate and manage remote pilot aircraft systems

Delivered by Ben Watts

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