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Investigate: fire ants (Stage 3)

The aim of Investigate: fire ants is to stimulate an interest in science, technology
and agriculture in young people and to promote the teaching of these subject
areas in schools. Students will design and complete an investigation and create
a communication product that aligns with outcomes from the NSW Science and
Technology, English and Geography syllabuses.


This unit of work focuses on a biosecurity threat, the red imported fire ant,
which was detected at Port Botany in November 2014. Fire ants can negatively affect our recreational spaces, agricultural production and out-compete native species.

The link below gives you access to the teacher guide. 

We hope you enjoy the program, feel free to contact us by email ( at any time.

Investigate Fireants kids.jpg

Investigate: fire ants was run in 2016. See the winning entry below. 

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